How to create an App Store button direct to the app review tab

Persuading users to review your app can be a painful task. The process of delving into the App Store to find your app in a ocean of millions of other apps is enough to discourage most everyday consumers. You can simplify the process by adding a Rate My App UIButton in the form of a star symbol like we have used in Time Void.

Once you have created a UIButton Touch Up Event, insert the below code to enable the button to launch the App Store on your app's review tab. This can also be used in Sprite Kit with a touch began function.

Swift Code Snippet

let appleID = "1154366081"
let appStoreLink = "\(appleID)?action=write-review" appStoreLink)!, options: [:], completionHandler: nil)

How to find your app's Apple ID

Sign into iTunes Connect > My Apps > Click on your apps name. This will open up the App Information page. You can find the General Information subheader.

Keep in mind this feature can only be tested on a device. If your app hasn't been released on the App Store yet, you can test it using another Apple ID like the Apple ID string shown in the sample code above, which takes you to my Time Void review tab. Don't forget to check that you are using the correct Apple ID before release.

Tested in iOS 10.1.1, Xcode 8.1 and Swift 3

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