How to make a cross promotional "View More Apps" button in Swift

The snowball effect marketing strategy is a method of successfully increasing app download traffic by using your existing user base to spread the word about your latest apps. To reach the most consumers, you may choose to build an email list, utilise social media such as Facebook and Twitter, or cross promote between your apps by using a View More Apps button.

Cross promoting is an effective technique to implement from your 2nd app onward. It is easy to implement, and if used early, you will create a snowballing awareness of your apps past and present. You can see this strategy being used in Snoosic and Time Void.

Snoosic show more apps button

Time Void show more apps button animation

Once you have created a UIButton Touch Up Event, insert the below code to enable the button to launch the App Store and display a list of all of your products. This can also be used in Sprite Kit with a touch began function.

Swift Code Snippet

let developerID = "559757721"
let appStoreLink = "\(developerID)" appStoreLink)!, options: [:], completionHandler: nil)

How to find your developer ID

The only way I've been able to find the App Store developer ID is by going to an existing app iTunes website page.

How to find your app's Apple ID

On your apps iTunes website page you'll find a button in the top right called "View More by This Developer ". This will take you to a list of all your apps on the App Store. Referring to your browsers URL fields, you will find your developer ID at the end of the URL string as shown in the images below.

How to find your developer id step 1
How to find your developer id step 2

Tested in iOS 10.1.1, Xcode 8.1 and Swift 3.

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