Snoosic #1: Halloween Finds a Major Bug

Hi Everyone! Snoosic has been around for over a year and a half now, with a lot of development going undocumented. However, from Snoosic 1.6 there will be mentions of Snoosic updates on our Devblog.

Snoosic has never received a price discount, but this Halloween I was feeling generous so the app's price dropped to free for one day only. Although I lost a days worth of sales it helped me pickup on a major bug in the 1.5 update.

How you ask? I receive a weekly update from Apple showing me a variety of figures, one of them being the number of crashes. This number is always sitting at a beautifully low value of zero. One week after the Halloween special, I received a weekly update and much to my surprise there was a notch of one crash. I didn't think anything of it until week two when that notch became another two crashes. Odd right? Seeing that I'm extremely pedantic about testing every inch of my app before an app update release it was clear something wasn't right. I devised a full sweep of Snoosic to try and replicate the issue. After a good thirty minutes of testing I found the dreaded issue and it was a big one; big but easy to fix. However, the bug did affected the user experience, so I couldn't ignore it.

The issue was located in the nudge detection feature. The success WAV file that is meant to be triggered when a nudge is made after the -30sec mark couldn't be located resulting in the app crashing. Moving from version 1.4 to 1.5 there were some huge layout changes made and I also stripped out a lot of code trying to streamline everything. Somewhere in the process I must of deleted the success WAV file without checking if it would affect anything.

Moral of the story: Keep track of your crash reports and never think a crash could just be a one off case because it could be a major break in your core features.

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